1. A Primeval History? First Day of Creation by Hartmann Schedel, 1493 CE.

  2. Found image of two mastiffs in snow

  3. Found image of young woman and mastiff (cf. Emily’s Keeper)

  4. Emily Brontë by her brother Branwell

  5. Anne Brontë by Branwell (her brother)

  6. Portrait of Charlotte Brontë

  7. beyourpet:

    Gorgeous (Taken with Instagram)

  8. beyourpet:

    Can you tell I never see stuff like this? Okay I’ll stop now… (Taken with Instagram)

  9. filipinho:


    (Pris avec Instagram à La Bastide De Peyremale)

  10. (Source: quagmath)

  11. (Source: quagmath)

  12. Artwork by Matt Marcure, now as a fitting cover for the Folkways demo.

  13. cynthiahenebry:

    I won’t be posting much these days- grad school has me too busy, and i’m thinking about photographs too much to know what I want to post anymore… but here’s one from a recent photoshoot. My favorite model, Eloise. 

  14. cynthiahenebry:

    Eloise in a red headband